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What is an EDC?

When one looks to purchase a pocket knife, many things draw their eye, such as decoration, a brand name and the style or number of blades. However, what should attract the most attention is how suitable the knife is for EveryDay Carry or EDC. While decoration or a fancy name stamped onto the side of the knife might make it desirable for display purposes, the knife’s EDC potential is what makes it truly beautiful in a practical sense.

For reference, here is my current EDC (yes, I change my EDC all-the-time):

A pocket knife is a tool designed to be able to be carried at all times by its user and to perform a wide variety of functions. In order to be able to serve this role one needs to be able to be carried with ease daily. Certain features of this tool make this possible such as clips to enable the knife to be clipped onto one’s pocket, a sharp blade to cut through whatever the knife’s owner needs cut, durable blades and features to enable daily use and to enable the knife to stand up to years of wear and tear. These features increase the knife’s ability to be used for EDC. While decorative pictures on the side are nice, a fragile knife is of no use to anyone. Durability is a necessity as it is with all tools and that which sets a pocket knife apart from all other knives, its small size, is absolutely necessary. If the knife cannot fit easily into its owner’s pocket then it cannot be with them at all times and as such is of no more use to them than a full toolbox or any other knife. Extra features such as corkscrews, nail files, scissors and whatever else you can imagine further increase the knife’s usability and convenience, making it available and useful to fill a large variety of roles truly limited only by the owner’s imagination.

Basically, any pocket knife can be your EDC. If it sits deep in your pocket, is useful to your specific daily needs, is durable and sharp, it is a candidate for your EDC. This could fit the description of a multi-tool, folding knife, sheathed knife with a belt clip and a knife of any shape or size. If it can take a beating, is easy to carry and works for you, you found your EDC.

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