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Columbia River Knife And Tool’s Heiho 2900 Assisted Opening Razor Edge Knife

The Columbia River Knife And Tools Heiho 2900 Assisted Opening Razor Edge Knife is a dependable knife for the money. It arrived sharp as a razor straight out of the package. It’s built for stabbing with an altered tanto tip, which is nice. It’s moderately light and deploys quickly. It bears a fascinating removable torsion bar that’s extractable with a torx wrench, making it manual action if you so desire. Overall, it is a dependable knife with a firm lock.

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Leatherman 830032 Blast Multi-Tool

This isn’t my premiere multi-tool, nor is it my 1st Leatherman. WIth that stated, I’m all the same genuinely impressed with the Leatherman 830032 Blast Multi-Tool. It is simply a first-class, top calibre, advantageously constructed tool. All features are first-rate and I feel the lockup characteristic for all tools exceedingly preferable. I’d advocate this tool to anybody.

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Smith’s DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening Kit

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Current Price: $61.99
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You are able to purchase more affordable and easier to use sharpeners, but none that will generate you an exact result every time like the Smiths DFPK Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening Kit. This sharpener grips the blade at an unvarying angle; eradicating imperfect mistakes. There’s a setting for kitchen knives and one for outdoor, fishging, hunting knives or pocket knives. It even features a stone for serrated blades. Now, I apply it on my pricey Japanese and Filipino knives and they remain razor sharp whenever I need them.

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Sog Flash I Sat Folding Knife

The Sog Flash I Sat Folding Knife is discrete and hardy. It bears a really sharp blade that opens quickly. The contour allows for it to be completely unobtrusive and really fixed in your pocket. You are able to reach into you pocket and barely detect that it is clipped on. I find virtually all pocket knives get in the way whenever I’m getting to my keys. Not this Sog! EDC all the way.

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10 Everyday Uses For a Pocket Knife

There are countless ways to uses a pocket knife, and countless reasons to carry one. Here are 10 of the most common everyday uses for your everyday carry (EDC) pocket knife:

1. Split Sticks for Starting a Fire

If you are outdoors by choice or by force, you should know how to start a fire. If you have a pocket knife handy, getting kindling prepped is as easy a 1-2-3.

2. Removing Splinters

Getting splinters out is pretty key. If you have a multi-tool handy, you have your tweezers too. You can also (carefully) do it with a small blade, but don’t unless it’s an extreme emergency. You don’t need to lose a finger when pulling out a splinter. Just be sure to sterilize with a lighter or some rubbing alcohol beforehand.

3. Cleaning and Prepping Fish or Game

If you hunt or fish, you know that landing the animal isn’t the end of the job. You have scale the fish, clean the deer, butcher the boar, etc. All tasks that are easily accomplished with a pocket knife.

4. Cutting Wire, Rope or Twine

Seriously, how often does this come up? Pretty much every day for me.

5. Repair Eyeglasses

Those super-tiny screws that hold your eyeglasses or sunglasses together can’t be fit by most screwdrivers. But, a small sharp pocket knife can usually tighten them up no problem.

6. Open Your Mail

It doesn’t matter if it is a letter, a box or an annoying plastic package. You can open it easier with a pocket knife. Plus, it’s probably safer than scissors.

7. Slicing Fruit or Bread

You do it at home with a steak knife or butter knife with ease. If you are camping or hiking, your pocket knife is a sharper version of the kitchen equipment. Just make sure your blade is clean enough to be touching that freshly picked apple.

8. Carving or Sharpening Wood

I’m not talking about whittling here… If you want to roast a marshmallow or a weenie over a camp fire, why not use what is around you? You can also use it to make a spear for hunting or fishing if you are in a pinch, or want to get back to your caveman roots.

9. Digging

There are knives made specifically for digging, but a pocket knife will work just as good when you need it to. You can pry a rock out of your lawn, get rid of a landmine, or identify if that is a bottle cap you found on the beach or a priceless ring.

10. Self defense

This goes without saying, but I hope you never have to use your pocket knife for self defense. If you do get attacked though, I hope you have your pocket knife handy. Cut and run if you must, but always remember: Your wallet and cell phone are not worth more than your life.

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