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Leatherman 830685 Charge TTi

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It’s a really dense item, with nearly zero wasted space, causing it to feel larger than it appears. This isn’t an awful thing, merely get accustomed the weight promptly or you might inadvertently drop it.

It’s solidly constructed and all junctures are tight and exact. The blades bear no play even after a lot of pretty hard use. The blades may each be opened up from the exterior of the tool. The interior tools demand both hands, but the scaly titanium sides bear rounded borders and are exceedingly easy to use with bare hands. It arrived in a pleasant branded gift can with a few directions, sheath, pocket clip and key ring. Overall, this pocket knife is phenomenal.

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Cold Steel AK-47 Black G-10 Handle with Black Blade

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Another gravid hit from Cold Steel! This AK-47 is the fresh offering founded on the pilot AK-47 model. The chief deviation is an updated lockup mechanism which is securer. It requires some forcefulness to press down the lock release to discharge the steel, so it won’t close down easy. A beneficial safety characteristic, in my opinion, but difficult on the thumb! All in all, a great little knife.

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Spyderco Ambitious Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife

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It arrives super sharp out of the box and is painless to hold that razor sharp edge. If you exercise it a good deal, it will require sharpening, but the upside is that it is exceedingly painless to sharpen with a standard wet stone. There are some high-end blades on the marketplace that keep their sharpness longer, only that hails at the price of being tougher to sharpen. It bears a really beneficial grip without being overly “gluey” wherever it catches the inside of your pocket making it tougher to deploy. This material is applied in a few high end knives too. This knife won’t slip out of your hands.

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Ka-Bar 2-1282-6 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife

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This is an avid all-round knife, and I mean comprehensive… cutting, chopping up, prying, hammering, digging, and anything else. I would advocate it to anyone who needs a rugged, military style knife. But if you are in the armed services, there is not much finer in that respect. Particularly considering price. The D2 tool blade is harder than most knives which keeps a finer edge. Not an EDC, but a wonderful knife to show off

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Ka-Bar 2-1212-3 Black Fighting Knife

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The Ka-Bar 2-1212-3 Black Fighting Knife is ample, gravid and fashioned to cut. The blade is constructed from 1095 carbon steel which is a really beneficial knife steel because it is hard, holds an edge well, and is easy to sharpen to a really exquisite edge. The blade itself is close to 1/8 of an inch thick. The knife is nearly a total foot long and the blade is about 7 inches. The tip of the blade has a spearhead grind that is also sharpened and the rest of the blade is a straight grind excluding about 2 inches at the foot of the knife that is serrated. The serrated edge is more like a bread knife, but it still works. Just look at this knife… It is seriously bad-ass, like all Ka-Bar’s.

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